Luxury escort in Puerto Banus.

Puerto Banus is one of the place worldwide known by to be one of the most exclusive and at the same time chosen by many young people to have fun until very late in the morning. But Puerto Banus also, known by to be very cosmopolitan, it offers thousand plans so you can enjoy a night full of activities, party in the disco and in the beach clubs more known worldwide. One of the places to which you can go with a nice companion is the Casino, a place where you can go with a very good companion, one of our beautiful luxury escorts in Puerto Banus.


It is no easy to explain the emotions that you fell when you play in the casino but is something similar to that everybody and the whole world stops for a determinate time and we forget about everything, so you let yourself to go by the excitement of the game.

The emotion lived in a Casino like the one from Marbella can multiply if we share the experience with a beautiful and sexy luxury escort. If to the emotion of the game we add the excitation produced for the touch with our accomplice escort, knowing that at the end the night , we will finish in the room of our hotel giving free rein to our deepest fantasies… There are something more exciting?

In Afrodita Escorts Marbella, we invite you to enjoy of one unforgettable night full of emotion, adrenalin and sensuality with one of our beautiful luxury escorts in Marbella and with our great and exclusive selection of companion in Puerto Banus, call us to book the escort who will take you to the paradise.

Puerto Banus night


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